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The Bandana Project 2019

The Bandana Project was a commission from the Seward Johnson Atelier, where they wanted to create bandanas using imagery of the daily tools of the Atelier Artists. I was asked during the summer of 2019 to create the imagery, using my scratchboard art. They planned to use the bandanas as a gift to their patrons and the artists of the Atelier.

These images were crated using the process of scratchboard techniques where I used Ampersand Clayboard and made a silhouette of the object using black ink, and then took a sharp object specifically an exacto blade and light scratch into the silhouette.

The Bandana is still in process and will be displayed and sold through the Grounds for Sculpture gift ship.

Please stay tuned for more information and for the final results.



I was also asked to give input in the layout of the bandana. These are a few design ideas using the Seward Johnson Atelier’s logo.

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