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Mayo Surf Co. Logo Design

This was a class assignment in which students were asked to design and create 3-4 logo ideas, and present it in a bound book form, for an existing surfboard company Mayo Surfboard Co. based in Florida. Mayo Surfboards focuses on creating old school surfboard that are shaped by hand. 

Students were asked to research the history of surfing as far as the sport and look of boards in which Mayo boards are based off of.  

I based my designs off of flying fish. The reason was because in my research, I discovered that surfboards were originally airplane wings that people would use. As years went by, longboard surfboards became lighter and were shaped more for speed, buoyancy, and tricks. In addition to that, one design of a surfboard that was prominent in the 70s-80s is a fish tail end fin. Essentially the back of the surfboard looks like a fish tail. With these two ideas in mind, I used the image of a flying fish for my logo. My approach was to give it a clean design and as well as a "rough around the edges" look. 

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