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"The Grom" ENews Letter 

"Grommet" (Grom) – Refers to a small, young snowboarder. (Beginner Snowboarder)

This project consisted of creating an electronic newsletter. I chose the subject of snowboarding and decided that the first article would be about how to start out. The look of the article was the use of intense bright colors with saturation suggesting the outdoor sport's vibe and youthful tone to emulate the snowboarding or extreme sports retro culture.  From advise, to finding your gear, learning snowboarding slang or lingo, or how to do beginner tricks. This article is there for you! Remember to have fun and practice!

The Grom ENewsLetter Page 1.png
The Grom ENewsLetter Page 2.png
The Grom ENewsLetter Page 3.png
The Grom ENewsLetter Page 4.png
Click the icon the see "The Grom" in action!
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