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"The Gnar" Project XD & Web-Design

The Gnar is a project were I was asked to create a technology company that offered some sort of service geared towards the general public. I decided to create an website named "The Gnar" that is a snow sport app geared specifically towards skiing and snowboarding in which it offers its users services such as sports performance history log and recording, ski resort research and information, GPS/ communication access, weather reports, lift wait time and more.


The project was composed of multiple phases, the first being to come up with your company and to create a visual logo. 

I decided to emulate vintage and retro ski patches designs that personify this snow sports culture, using bright colors and bold graphics. 

Logo Design.png
"Shred the Gnar"-  to ride with exceptional speed, ability, or enthusiasm, especially in difficult terrain and conditions

Timeline Project: The History of the Internet 

Created in Adobe UX

Part of The Gnar project, I was asked to research and create a timeline for "The History of the Internet" using the logo that I created for my tech company. I decided to keep with the color scheme that I chose for my tech company to keep everything cohesive. Although It's not related the actual website, I liked how it turned out and wanted to share it.

Style Tile

Created in Adobe UX

The next phase was to create a Style Tile for our tech company's website. I wanted to have a funky, fun and youthful theme, while also playing with a retro style; emulating 70's-80's ski/ snow sport culture. 

Style Tile.png
App Icon.png


Created in Adobe UX

In this phase, I developed the Mockup of the website and some other details such as an App icon, subscription/ membership page, profile/login page and a"call to action"- ENewletter subscription page. I focused on bold colors and strong graphic elements to create a fun and youthful environment for users that is easy to access and navigate. 

ENews Letter Subscribe.png
Profile- Login Page.png

Final Website:Preview

Created in Visual Studio Code: HTML & CSS

Using Visual Studio Code- HTML and CSS, I was able to create a perfectly imperfect version of my website's mockup. 


Like The Gnar logo?

I have STICKERS!!!!! Due to some requests, I have made stickers of The Gnar logo. 

For $5, you can have your very own! For inquire please email me at

Thank you for your support and I hope to see you

"When Life Goes Down Hill"

Jessica Petty, Graphic Designer, Illustrator & Fine Artist

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