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Book Cover: The Hobbit 2022

I was tasked with creating a book cover for a book of my choosing. I chose The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien. I wanted to emulate something that was like an illuminated text or biblical-esc.  I used geometric shapes and small illustrations in a limited color palette. The small illustrations portray the story's symbolisms of the characters adventures and encounters. I also used my traditional scratchboard techniques, illustrating the characters Smaug the Magnificent and Thorin, King Under the Mountain, in a statuesc type posture and had them facing away from each other in opposition with the Archen Stone coming between them as the ultimate prize. 

The Hobbit_Front Cover.png
The Hobbit Cover_Back.png
Book Details 

The book cover corner details are a display of the journey the Bilbo's journey. It starts out as light and positive. While the the story progresses so does the motifs on the back of the cover. The back cover corner details are now slowly changing into a  darker theme as the characters journey continues and their situation becomes more dangerous and serious. 

The Hobbit Book Cover.png

Original Scratchboard Illustration

the hobbit.png
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